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Not a bad useless skill to have. I have no idea why I found this entertaining.

Tanner Foust Drifts Mulholland Drive

I hear this video is old but it’s the first time I’m seeing it and it is magic:

Nascar V8 in a Scion body…..that could only be the work of a witch or a leprechaun

GT5 Night Trailer

Just watch and enjoy!

I’m happy to see night races come back to the series.

The Inside of an Engine

Ever wonder what it looks like inside the head of an engine. Here you go:

After the jump is a S1000RR at 14,5000 RPM and more


30th Anniversary of Quattro

It has officially been 30 years since Audi brought their all wheel drive system (Quattro).

Jalopnik has a great article up about the history of Quattro and how it was developed. Here are some snippets:

That last bit is where things get interesting — it led to one of the most ingenious packaging solutions […]

F1 Returns to Canada….During the Winter

It’s good to see that F1 will be returning to Montreal. That means two F1 races in North America I believe.

Honda Spits A Mean 16-Bars

Well not exactly, but the engine note from Honda’s HSV-010 race cars sounds very similar to the F1 motors that BAR used to use:

How Honda Blew the CR-Z….or why am I still a Honda fan?

So after checking out the specs on the new CR-Z, I’m as disappointed as you are about what should have been a true successor to the CRX. The good people at Jalopnik agree:

…it’s a perfect example of product Fail, and on a personal level, it’s one of the greatest vehicular disappointments in recent […]

Ken Block & Chris Atkinson in the Woods

This is an old video but I thought it would be good for a Friday: